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This Is How Deadly Malignant Mesothelioma Is

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June 30, 2008

This Is How Deadly Malignant Mesothelioma Is

Author: Peter Gitundu

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare cancer that has been found to
be caused by asbestos. The disease affects the mesothelium walls
and cause the cells to be cancerous. Around 2,000 cases are
diagnosed every year in the United States. This disease can have
a person stay over 30 years without it developing and showing
symptoms. It is deadly just like any other form of cancer and it
can be treated when it has not yet spread to all the major
organs. Malignant mesothelioma is usually a heartbreaking
diagnosis but, you need to know that you can file a legal claim
against the company in which you think you got the asbestos
exposure from. The disease manifests with various symptoms
depending on the area affected. The abdomen mesothelioma is
called peritoneal mesothelioma and it can be malignant.

You will experience discomfort with bowel blockage, pain,
bloating, swelling and you can feel a mass in your abdomen, loss
of appetite, swelling of other organs around the stomach and
others. If your lungs and breathing system is affected, you will
experience chest pains, shortness of breathe, coughing and
weight loss. The symptoms can be different depending on the
bodies of individuals. Immediately you notice such symptoms do
not stay in your home and say that you have mesothelioma. You
can only say it conclusively if the proper tests are done to
determine the presence of the disease. The doctor will perform
several tests and they include chest x rays, biopsy and others.
If found that you have malignant mesothelioma, you do not have
to panic because you can be cured.

However, the disease must be contained before spreading to other
areas and sometimes when the condition is too bad, nothing can
be done. This however does not mean that recovery is impossible,
you have to maintain a positive attitude. For a cure, you have
the option of surgery. It can totally heal your disease and it
is sometimes accompanied by radiation and chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs to kill cancer cells
while radiation is the use of rays to also suppress the disease.
You need to take time and look at the facts as offered to you by
the doctor and make decisions that will facilitate your cure. If
you find that your condition is not malignant then it is benign
an this means that you do not have cancerous cells.

People who suffer from malignant mesothelioma are usually
advised to participate in clinical trials of new drugs. They can
provide a window to relief and healing. There are also many
support groups they can find and form to share their
experiences. Many people suffer alone and this is not necessary
because being around people with the same experiences will
enable you to open up and as a result, you will reduce the
stress in your body improving your immunity and this will
contribute to your getting better. Remember that you have the
option to fight for your rights and a good mesothelioma lawyer
will guide you through the process until you get victory and

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