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A Look At Some Treatment Options For Mesothelioma Cancer

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June 30, 2008

A Look At Some Treatment Options For Mesothelioma Cancer

Author: Peter Gitundu

Mesothelioma cancer is malignant mesothelioma and this means
that cells found in the lining of various organs like heart,
lungs and abdomen, grow abnormally retaining fluid. This disease
has been around for a long time and it was first discovered in
1887 and then ignored. It was until 1970s that companies and
governments started to recognize that it is a serious disease.
This is mainly because it is caused by a mineral that can
manufacture up to 3,000 products. The mineral occurs naturally
on the earth and it is usually mined and is commonly called
asbestos. This is a unique substance for apart from causing a
deadly disease, it defies fire and cannot be burnt. Mesothelioma
cancer affects the lining referred to as the mesothelium and
exposure to asbestos could have happened during childhood. It
takes over 30 years for the symptoms to start showing.

The disease has not been very common although the number of new
cases has increased by a little percentage. Men will suffer from
the disease more often than women and people of all ages can be
affected. The people who are at a higher risk of getting the
disease work closely with asbestos and they include shipyard
workers, asbestos mine workers and so many other workers. They
can expose their families with their cloths. Safety measures
have now be put in place to protect industry workers and
protective cloths and equipment have been introduced. Workers
can also take a shower and change cloths before they leave their
work premises. Symptoms of mesothelioma cancer differ with the
particular organ the disease affects. Some of the most common
symptoms include the following.

You will experience swelling of various organs, pain, weight
loss, bowel obstruction, blood clotting, anemia and so many
other symptoms. When you suspect you have the illness, do not
conclude that it is mesothelioma cancer you have to go through a
series of tests first before you conclude whether your illness
is malignant or cancerous. You will have x rays performed and
even a biopsy and when the doctor finds conclusive evidence of
the disease, this is not the end. The symptoms of mesothelioma
cancer are so similar to other diseases and it is therefore very
difficult to diagnose the disease. You have very many treatment
options and they can manage your condition depending on how bad
it is. If the doctor recommends a certain treatment, like
surgery, you can consult and make sure that it is the best
decision for you available. Radiation and chemotherapy options
are also available.

There are other treatment options that have not been concluded
and you will find so many resources on this topic. Getting the
right knowledge is vital to help you know what to expect if you
are affected by the problem. You will be in a position to help
others when the opportunity arises. Patients can sue for
compensation if they feel that they need justice to be done.
Good mesothelioma lawyers are available and it is upon you to
find a lawyer who can represent you to win the case.

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