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Minnesota Miners Developing Mesothelioma at Alarming Rate

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July 20, 2008

Minnesota Miners Developing Mesothelioma at Alarming Rate

An investigation has recently begun to explain why men from a region of northeastern Minnesota are developing mesothelioma at an alarming rate which is twice the national average.
The University of Minnesota is leading the investigation through the School of Public Health. The university seeks to understand the reasons behind the recent deaths of many taconite miners due to the rapid development of mesothelioma.
Scientists are working to investigate the dangers of taconite, as well as the contents of the air that the miners inhale on a daily basis. Mesothelioma is commonly linked to asbestos exposure, however, nothing has proven the existence of asbestos in the taconite or the air that they miners breathe in recent studies.
Researchers and scientists will continue to examine the working conditions of these miners until an explanation is revealed.

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